Programs and Services

Virtual Health Coaching.

Health Coaching provides the opportunity for your employees to work one-on-one with our professional health coaches to improve their overall health, well-being and stress levels.

Awesome benefits:

  • Individualized plans
  • Guidance and support to achieve personal wellness goals
  • Trusted relationship with a health coach

Successful workplace wellness strategies offer several touchpoints to optimize engagement. We can help.

Personal Wellness Assessment.

The Personal Wellness Assessment (PWA) is a 10-minute health questionnaire that helps identify personal wellness goals.

It’s easy:

  • Answer a series of health-related questions
  • Receive an immediate personalized scorecard
  • Download and email a full report to yourself or health care professional

Virtual Team Challenge.

Friendly competition, anyone?

It’s time to have some FUN! Enjoy a one of our virtual team challenges. Get rewarded points for completing healthy tasks. The team with the most points, after 2 weeks, wins! Who doesn’t like bragging rights?


  • Customized Portal
  • Facilitator e-Guide
  • Individual Activity Submission Forms
  • Full Resource Centre
  • Weekly Team Leaderboard Updates

VIRTUAL REALITY is now upon us. All of our wellness programming is convenient for your employees whether working onsite or from home.

Health & Wellness Workshops.

Complement your wellness strategy with health and wellness sessions for your employees by supporting population health.

2021 wellness session categories include:

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Health Fairs.

Health fairs are great wellness initiatives to support a healthy culture.

Learn more about how we can help ensure you experience an event full of education, awareness and interaction.

Connect with us about our virtual health fairs!