“Our health and wellness strategy started out with a simple concept – encourage a healthy workplace to make it easier for employees to choose health. In turn, healthy decisions reflect a better bottom line.

For the past 17 years, Employee Wellness Solutions Network changed the way people think about health and wellness in the workplace. Our passionate team has helped many businesses change the culture of their workforce with staggering results.

We feel fortunate to be in the position we are today, offering some of the best wellness programs available. As an industry leader, we’ve streamlined our offerings to be inclusive for all organizations — big or small.

In our efforts to build wellness programs that suit any workplace, we created the Workplace Wellness Membership. Employers become members; employees enjoy all program components. Any of our memberships may be expanded by using our innovative Workplace Wellness Membership credit system.

And the results speak for themselves. Listening to the changes people are making and how it impacts their lives gives us confidence that we are accomplishing our goal.”

Owners and Founders

Heather Barrett
Director of Program Management
Meaghan Jansen
Wellness Expert / Owner
Garth Jansen
CEO / Owner
Laura Holt
Health Coach Manager

The Membership Model.

You’ve been asking, we’re delivering! For 20 years, we’ve provided rich wellness strategies that give your employees the support they need. It’s easy to take advantage of even more perks through our various memberships by simply contacting one of our specialists.  

Whether you’re looking to do it yourself or work with our team, together we’ll find the best solution for you.

All of our memberships give you access to the fundamentals of our health and wellness strategy. Let us help take the guesswork out of building your internally-championed program.