Frequently Asked Questions.

Can Memberships Be Tailor-Made for Our Company?

Yes, we customize plans according to your wellness initiatives. Each membership comes with CWM credits to further enrich your membership with additional programs. 

Can We Start With A Free Membership and Upgrade Our Plan Later?

Yes, you can start with the free membership and upgrade at a later time. Our wellness specialists can guide you in the right direction, helping you come up with a plan just right for you. 

How Does the Innovative Credit System Work?

Every membership program comes with CWM credits that can be used to buy additional services, such as lunch and learns, group challenges, health risk assessments or group exercise classes. The bigger the membership, the more credits you can redeem.  

What Are The Main Benefits Of the Program?

Your company will see a cost savings as traditional employee benefit costs drop as your team starts using your health and wellness program. In addition, you will create an overall healthy work environment seeing happier employees arriving to work every day that are using far less sick days.