One of the first things people are asked when they land a new job is, “do you get benefits”?  We all hope to work for a company that offers paid sick days and support programs for medical issues that may arise, but we really don’t want to NEED those services.  Access to support and resources to help us BEFORE we get sick, BEFORE we realize there is a concern to address is one of the best benefits a company can offer.

Our #WellnessWednesday video series included a conversation with Gordon Hart, President and Right Path Advisor at Selectpath Benefits and Financial.  We discussed the importance of strategy when it comes to promoting wellness in the workplace.  He shared his thoughts on integrating wellness with Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) for a stronger, more proactive solution to employee health.  You can find the link to the full interview below, but here are a few highlights.

Companies need to effectively manage “the human machine”

Employees are critical to corporate success, and today’s companies are recognizing the importance of managing their people on a holistic level to maximize that success.  In order to do that, health promotion needs to be the priority.  EAPs are important.  They offer reactive tools to resolve real issues that employees are facing.  Our workplaces, however, are seeing the significance of placing more focus on prevention.  This means helping employees build resiliency, the ability to manage concerns, and the capacity to avoid issues before EAP solutions are needed.  Supporting employees by providing tools and resources to help them develop these qualities creates better outcomes for both the individual and the company.

Wellness is about changing behaviour

The ultimate goal in health and wellness is helping employees change their behaviours: doing more of what makes them feel good and be at their best.  But change is hard.  Employers can help by offering support through education, resources and tools that can encourage employees to want to make those changes.  Most people also require an element of accountability when they are working towards a goal that involves change, and corporate wellness programs can provide this.

Rethink the talent management strategy

Companies need to look at their employees from a strategic perspective rather than a risk management standpoint.  They need to consider the person as a whole and not simply see him or her as a resource to achieve a business task.  The scope of management should not be limited to the time employees spend at the office.  By helping employees be more productive and successful in life, employers can enjoy more productive and successful results in the workplace.

“Really focusing on putting more capacity, putting more tools in the toolbox of the employee, pays enormous dividends in the long-run.  We still need acute care, but the whole idea of prevention and building capacity within an individual will create better outcomes overall “

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