Key Takeaways

Leverage the strengths and talents of your team members.

The composition of your wellness team plays a pivotal role in the success of a wellness program. Consider the diversity within the group. Can you assemble a team that represents a cross-section of the organization, including leaders and middle managers? The broader the spectrum of perspectives, the greater the opportunity for idea exchange and valuable feedback, ultimately leading to a more promising outcome.

Create a team of the right size. 

Aim to build a Wellness Committee that includes approximately 10% of your organization’s population, but exercise discretion, especially in medium to large groups because too many participants can be counterproductive. Look for a diverse and inclusive group of people including respected workplace leaders to fill these roles.

Effective planning hinges on a well-structured strategy. 

To begin the process, it’s crucial to identify your organization’s goals and align them with your wellness program objectives. Start with a broad perspective and progressively move to finer details and tasks. Next, pinpoint the key pillars and program components that are most important, ensuring their integration into the overall organizational plan. Establish clear goals and responsibilities, along with deadlines, prioritizing tasks appropriately.

Don’t get left chasing the train! 

Start by taking a bird’s-eye view of your wellness plan and construct an integrative calendar for the entire year. Consider the optimal times for participation, typically in October during Healthy Workplace Month, the New Year, and spring. Often, a low-cost calendar of events is very realistic. Tip: Explore our Healthy Workplace Month calendar for ideas. Check it out here.

Check all the boxes. 

Ensure that you’ve ticked all the essential boxes for a successful wellness program. This will serve as a compass to identify any gaps or potential adjustments needed within your wellness plan. Remain open to the possible need to adapt as you progress, as this provides an excellent opportunity to gauge and reflect on your program’s progress.

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