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  1. To educate wellness champions on being effective ambassadors for wellness within their organizations.
  2. To share the most successful workplace wellness practices for engagement optimization.
  3. To discuss best strategies on assessing, implementing and evaluating workplace wellness programs.


Defining Workplace Wellness and Setting Objectives

  • Workplace wellness fundamentals
  • Defining a healthy workplace
  • Key elements for planning
  • Setting objectives


Creating a Healthy Culture

  • Garner leadership support
  • Wellness champions – creating a dynamic committee
  • Best wellness program components that support a healthy culture


Implementing Successful Strategies

  • Successful keys to implementation
  • Not the ABCs but the CVIs
    • Communication
    • Visibility
    • Integration
  • Creating program depth
  • Building the strategy


Evaluating Your Wellness Program

  • Establishing value – What to measure and how to report
  • VOI vs ROI
  • Why, What, How to evaluate
  • Next steps

“Excellent research-based with stories to back up the facts.”

“Excellent series! It took something that felt overwhelming in terms of where to begin to build a Wellness Strategy and broke it down into manageable pieces.”

“The presentations were good but I couldn’t attend all of them with other work commitments. I love that I can watch the recordings though.”

“Meaghan is extremely knowledgeable. It was a pleasure learning from and listening to her. Awesome presentation.”

“I was not able to attend every session at the time that they were offered due to other work responsibilities, but I appreciated knowing that I could go in and access the videos as well as the documentation afterwards. I did take advantage of this ability.”