Wellness Connections

A Webinar Series for Friends, Family, and You!

Discover Wellness Connection, a webinar series led by health and wellness experts. These virtual sessions are typically scheduled in the evening and midday to accommodate busy schedules and encourage employees to invite friends and family to join in. Topics range from physical health and mental well-being to nutrition and fitness, ensuring you can prioritize your wellness journey without compromising your daily routine. Join us to learn, grow, and make wellness a shared experience.

Check out our previous webinars below, which you can view on demand.

Finding Your Compassionate Side: Self-Compassion


When your inner critic has been a close (but unwanted) companion, it can be almost impossible to banish it. Instead, foster a new, nurturing voice – one that encourages growth and achievement with love, not shame. Research indicates that self-compassion is a powerful tool, capable of enhancing mental and physical well-being, driving positive change from a place of caring, not inadequacy. Let’s make room for this compassionate ally, acknowledging the harm of self-criticism, and empowering ourselves toward happiness and resilience.

Gut Instincts: Exploring the Mind-Gut Connection

The mind-gut connection is undeniable! So much so that the energetic nervous system that regulates our gut is sometimes called our second brain. This webinar will explore the mind-gut connection. Learn about the gut-brain axis, building and maintaining a healthy gut microbiome, and how dopamine and serotonin production are related to gut health.

Women’s Health

Are you interested in understanding how hormones can affect your well-being? From managing weight and coping with hot flashes to addressing period-related challenges and hair loss, it’s important to recognize that hormones don’t operate in isolation. Join Dr. Chanel ND to explore the complex interplay of hormones and discover what healthy hormonal function looks like. Learn about common symptoms of hormonal imbalances, effective testing methods, and practical treatment strategies.

Men’s Health

In this webinar, Dr. O’Brien ND discusses common challenges associated with men’s health and offers evidence-based strategies for how to manage them. Topics include cardiovascular disease, cognitive dysfunction, erectile dysfunction, and prostate health. While these conditions may appear unrelated at first glance, Dr. O’Brien reveals their shared risk factors and explains how similar treatments can lead to improvement. Discover practical ways for men to enhance their quality of life amid the challenges of today’s fast-paced lifestyle.

Meno-UN-pause Part II

Menopause represents a significant life transition for women, often accompanied by unique challenges. This is part 2 of the Meno-UN-pause series, which aims to empower women to regain control of their physical and emotional well-being during this time. This webinar will address stress management, sleep importance and improvement, and the impact of menopause on relationships. Join us to gain insights and tools for thriving during this phase and beyond, applicable to all.

Meno-UN-pause Part I

Navigating menopause is often a challenging journey, not only for the individuals experiencing it but also for those around them. It’s a pivotal moment to take charge of your physical and emotional well-being and thrive. This webinar is designed to empower you with knowledge about the physiological changes that occur during menopause. Discover how nutrition and exercise can play vital roles in managing the symptoms associated with this phase of life, helping you regain a sense of balance and well-being.

Emotional Eating

Hunger and appetite are far more intricate than mere physiological needs; they often intertwine with our emotions. In this webinar, we explore the world of Emotional Eating, unraveling the concept, understanding its underlying motivations, and identifying the emotional triggers that lead to hunger. Guided by Erin McClintock, you’ll gain practical tools to heighten self-awareness around your eating habits, understand the emotional drivers behind your choices, and discover alternative strategies for effectively managing your emotions.

Mindfulness and Self Compassion

Mike Masse shares invaluable insights into the science of mindfulness and underscores the significance of self-care and self-compassion for caregivers. Discover the art of building a robust self-care foundation while navigating the complexities of life and work. Explore simple techniques that allow you to fill your own emotional cup, enabling you to take greater responsibility for your mental health. Dive into the world of healthy emotional management and learn to cultivate mindfulness practices that foster non-judgmental awareness, freeing you from the burdens of dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.

Be Mindful and Benefit

Discover the importance and benefits of cultivating a mindfulness practice. We delve into the essence of mindfulness, shedding light on what it truly entails. By exploring the ways in which mindfulness can enhance your overall well-being, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of its transformative power. You’ll gain practical insights into finding opportunities for mindfulness in your daily life and learn effective strategies to overcome common obstacles that hinder your ability to be present.

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Women’s Pelvic Health

Join us for an open conversation on often-overlooked aspects of pelvic health. We’ll discuss effective management for Pelvic Pain Syndromes and Pelvic Organ Prolapse, clarify Kegels and their significance, delve into the topic of incontinence, and explore the importance of pelvic health during pregnancy. Postpartum pelvic health issues will also be covered, along with some guidance on accessing additional resources for comprehensive support in your pelvic health journey.

Talking to Your Kids About Cannabis

Understanding your children’s thoughts about marijuana is essential to initiate meaningful conversations. In a world where they’re bombarded with conflicting messages from social media, peers, and school, it’s crucial for parents to be actively involved in their decision-making process. So, how can you encourage open dialogue with them? Discover effective strategies for engaging in conversations with your teenagers about cannabis that will truly capture their attention and enable constructive communication.