Keeping Your Exercise Routine Alive in the Winter

Wondering how to maintain your exercise routine during the chilly, dark months ahead? Here are some simple and effective strategies for staying active during the winter months. They can help keep your fitness journey on track, ensuring that the cold weather doesn’t freeze your motivation.

Set a Challenge. 
Embrace the upcoming season by giving yourself a short or long-term fitness goal. Whether it’s committing to a couch-to-5k program, training for a spring running race, or participating in a fun community event, having a clear objective can provide structure and keep you on course, even when motivation wanes.

Dress for the Weather 
Remember, there’s no such thing as bad weather—only inappropriate clothing. Ensure you’re equipped for the elements by layering up, investing in proper footwear, donning head and face protection, and choosing high-visibility clothing. These adjustments can turn any outdoor activity into an enjoyable experience.

Make it a Social Affair. 
While some thrive on solo workouts, others may find it challenging to stay committed during the colder months. Partnering up with someone who shares your interests and fitness goals or joining a sports team can provide motivation and accountability throughout the winter season.

Embrace Home Workouts. 
Avoid the hassle of heading out in unfavorable weather by exploring the myriad of online tools and program options available from your health coach. Many effective and sustainable workout routines can be carried out within the comfort of your home.

Add Variety. 
Combat boredom and maintain results by setting a goal to try something new or incorporate a different exercise each week. Monotony and stagnation often lead to deviations from your routine, so keep things exciting and keep your muscles guessing about what’s coming next. Variety is the key to long-term success and continued motivation.

Stay active, stay healthy, and make the most of the winter season! Could you some help creating a strategy for yourself? To learn more about health coaching or schedule a meeting with your coach, email

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Your Health Coaching Experience

In these appointments we generally begin with an initial assessment which is gathering information on fitness, nutrition, stress, sleep and general work life balance. Some aspects of the program may include exercise program design, weight loss or gain, injury prevention or strengthening, meal planning, help with healthier eating options as well as stress management and ideas of managing work life balance.

Health coaching sessions are typically 20-30 mins in length however there is flexibility if your schedule does not allow that amount of time one day to adjust it and make it a touch point, these appointments are for you so we make it work!

EWSNetwork has a team of diverse and dynamic health coaches. Our health coaches have a range of university or college degrees/diplomas related to the health and wellness field, as well, varying credentials including Holistic Nutrition, personal training, life coaching, yoga, or other forms of nutritional credentials. We strive to offer the best therefore we have the best!

Absolutely not! Many will come into their first health coaching session not fully understanding what is offered. During the initial assessment your health coach will help answer any questions you may have as well offer direction toward your wellness journey.

We absolutely can help with this! We realize that not everyone has the same personalities and may not connect the way you were hoping. At many of our clients we have more than one health coach onsite and virtually available for this very reason! Let us know and we will gladly connect. you with another one of our health coaches.

We understand that all good things need a break, so we are here when you are ready to start again, just email at  or your can also log into your member portal and have a look at your coaches and their schedules.

Absolutely! We know that each health coach has their niche and strengths, we want you to get the best of each of our coaches.

Although we would love to offer unlimited meetings with your health coach, we typically aim for every 4-6 weeks to allow enough time for you to work on your current goals set up between you and your coach. Of course if you need anything in between your appointments your health coach is just an email away!

Absolutely! There are two options, we do offer virtual appointments through varying platforms of your choice or we can rebook your appointment to another day if you prefer the in person experience.

Note: We do kindly request a minimum of 24 hours to cancel to ensure others have time to use that time slot if available.

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