Wellness In Motion

What to Expect

  • Orientation Meeting
  • Workplace Wellness Score
  • Leader Resource Page
  • Wrap-Up Call
  • Suggested Workplace Wellness Action Plan

Wellness Program Resources for Employees 

  • Live Virtual Program Launch
  • Online Wellness Hub
  • Building Mental Strength Wellness Campaign
  • Live Creating Joy Amidst the Chaos Workshop
  • Recorded Mindfulness Matters Webinar
  • Wellness Newsletter
  • Personal Wellness Assessment (PWA)

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Wellness Resources for Your Team…

Program Launch
Get employees excited! We’ll kick off your Wellness in Motion program with a live virtual launch to introduce your team to the Wellness Hub and the valuable health and wellness resources they’ll have access to.

Wellness Hub 
A one-stop shop for all your Wellness in Motion resources as well as recipes, workouts, and self-care resources. The Hub is fully customizable with the option to add access to organizational wellness content. *Membership clients only

Wellness Campaign
Building Mental Strength is a 4-week campaign focusing on healthy strategies for dealing with life’s challenges. Resources emphasize effective emotion management, positive thought framework, and cultivating resilience.

Live Virtual Workshop 
Creating Joy Amidst the Chaos is hosted by Wellness Expert, Meaghan Jansen. She explores the challenges of embracing happiness and shares strategies to better manage energy levels, priorities, and mindset to support personal well-being.

Recorded Webinar
In Mindfulness and Self-Compassion, holistic therapist Mike Masse focuses on how to go from mind full to mindful. He emphasizes the importance of self-care and shares simple techniques to better stress at work and at home.

Wellness Newsletter
Monthly content designed to help you adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Discover valuable resources such as wellness tips, nutritious recipes, trend insights, personal challenges for motivation, and wellness expert Q&As.

Accessible via the Wellness Hub, the Personal Wellness Assessment is a private and confidential questionnaire designed to help employees pinpoint their wellness goals. Results can be downloaded for personal reference.