Summer Wellness Glow-Up

Ideas to Help You Embrace Healthy Living This Summer

Welcome to Your Summer Wellness Glow-Up!
Embrace the season of sunshine and longer days with some ideas to guide you to a healthier, happier you. Our “Summer Wellness Glow-Up” resource page is designed to inspire and motivate you to make the most of your summer through delicious meals, refreshing drinks, mindful self-care, and fun physical activities. Dive in to find simple, practical, and enjoyable ways to boost your wellness this summer. Your ultimate summer glow-up starts here!


Unleash your inner chef with mouthwatering BBQ dishes and fresh salads that are perfect for any summer gathering.

Green Exercise is Great 
We know that exercise is good for us, but exercising outside may be even better! Learn why you need to bring the great outdoors into your fitness routine.

Nature Scavenger Hunt
Have some fun with an outdoor scavenger hunt that will get you moving while searching for natural beauty.

Moving in the Heat
Bringing your workout outside is great, but make sure you do it safely. Here are some common exercise mistakes to avoid when it’s hot out.

Ah… Go Take A Hike!
Hiking is a wonderful way to combine movement and the outdoors. Here are some helpful things to know before you go.


Beat the heat with refreshing and healthy mocktails. These delightful, alcohol-free beverages are perfect for cooling down on a hot day and adding a touch of festivity to your summer events.

Dance Your Way to Health
There are so many benefits to dancing! Learn what they are along with some tips for choosing the right dance-fitness workout for you.

Dance Fitness Bingo
Add a little competition to your workout routine and dance your way to a BINGO win. We’ve picked out a huge variety of dance-fitness videos you can try as you play.

Dance Breaks with Rose
EWSNetwork Health Coach, Rose, knows how to add movement to her day and has a good time doing it. If you need an excuse to step away from your desk, have a Dance Break!


Make the most of your summer by focusing on simple, affordable activities that support your health and well-being. You don’t need to spend much to relax and rejuvenate and have fun! Enjoy peaceful moments in your backyard, practice mindfulness through yoga or meditation, or explore local parks and trails. For inspiration, check out our recorded nature walk and find more ideas below to help you unwind, recharge, and enhance your overall well-being throughout the summer.

13 easy summer self-care ideas to try this summer.

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Get moving and soak up the sun with exciting outdoor workouts and activities. From beach volleyball to morning yoga in the park, these fun fitness ideas will keep you active and energized throughout the summer.

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Enjoying summer’s beautiful weather can be even more fun with a nature scavenger hunt. Download a pre-made list or get creative and design your own adventure!