Ready. Set. Play. 

Discover How to Find the Fun in Fitness!

Movement is essential to a healthy lifestyle – it’s what our bodies were designed for! But let’s be honest, sometimes the thought of hitting the weights or pushing through another HIIT workout just isn’t appealing. That’s where Ready. Set. Play. comes in. Let’s discover how to make exercise fun again by putting the play back into your fitness routine. Say goodbye to the same old workouts and hello to a new way of staying active that feels less like a chore and more like playtime. Ready to join the fun?

Taking advantage of the great outdoors is a great way to keep things interesting when it comes to your fitness routine. Whether it’s hiking through scenic trails, running on a beach, or practicing yoga in a park, the fresh air and natural scenery can make workouts feel less like a chore. It’s a nice change from the gym environment, and the sunshine can boost mood and motivation. Exercising outside not only helps you stay fit but also gives you a mental break, making it easier to stay motivated and enjoy being active.

Green Exercise is Great 
We know that exercise is good for us, but exercising outside may be even better! Learn why you need to bring the great outdoors into your fitness routine.

Nature Scavenger Hunt
Have some fun with an outdoor scavenger hunt that will get you moving while searching for natural beauty.

Moving in the Heat
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Ah… Go Take A Hike!
Hiking is a wonderful way to combine movement and the outdoors. Here are some helpful things to know before you go.

Workout Game: Thunderstruck

You can easily do this alone, but it’s much more fun with a friend or group of people. Play the song Thunderstruck by AC/DC. Every time you hear the word “thunder”, you do a burpee. (In case you’re wondering, that’s 33 burpees by the end of the song.)

Switch things up by choosing a different song or exercise. Here are a few examples:

Play I Love the Way You Lie by Eminem and Rhianna. When Eminem raps, do full sit-ups or crunches. When Rhianna sings, freeze in a held sit-up position.

Play Flower by Moby. When you hear “bring Sally down”, squat and hold until you hear “bring Sally up”. Remain standing until you hear “bring Sally down” again and go back to a squat.

Who doesn’t love to dance?! Actually, there may be people who don’t enjoy it, but if you do, it’s a great way to exercise! Dance-inspired fitness offers a fun alternative to traditional exercise – even if you don’t think you can dance. This week, we’re sharing some resources that will get you moving, grooving, and having a blast.

Dance Your Way to Health
There are so many benefits to dancing! Learn what they are along with some tips for choosing the right dance-fitness workout for you.

Dance Fitness Bingo
Add a little competition to your workout routine and dance your way to a BINGO win. We’ve picked out a huge variety of dance-fitness videos you can try as you play.

Dance Breaks with Rose
EWSNetwork Health Coach, Rose, knows how to add movement to her day and has a good time doing it. If you need an excuse to step away from your desk, have a Dance Break!

Workout Game: Tower of Reps

This game requires at least 2 people, dice (5 or more per player), and a timer. Before you start, choose the exercises you will complete. You’ll need 3-4 exercises per round.

The objective is to have the tallest stack of dice at the end of the round. Each round is 6-8 minutes. The timer should be set to ring every 2 minutes, which will indicate a change in exercise. Line players up and place a pile of dice about 30 feet away. On “go”, players will:

  1. Run to the dice pile, pick up a die, and run back to the start line.
  2. Roll the die.
  3. Do the exercise – reps = double the number rolled.
  4. Stack the die.

Players repeat the above steps until the round is up, switching the exercise after the 2-minute timer. If a player’s stack of dice tumbles during the round, they must remove one die from their tower, and then continue.

Many activities become more enjoyable when shared with a friend, and exercise is no exception! Having a workout buddy can make fitness more fun and keep you motivated. Let’s look at the benefits of working out with a partner and some easy ways to make your exercise routine more engaging and enjoyable together.

Why Exercise is Better with a Buddy 
Working out with someone else is fun, but there are many other benefits to having a buddy. Learn how to step up your fitness with a friend.

Do-It-Yourself Fun Fitness Date Challenge
Learn why active dates are a great way to combine movement and fun with friends and family. Then build your own challenge to give it a try!

Play Dates – They’re Not Just for Kids
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18-Minute Partner Workout
A full-body workout you can do at home. Grab a buddy and give it a try!

Workout Game: I Spy

This game requires two or more people. One player starts as the chooser who thinks of a physical object that is visible to everyone playing. The guessers ask “yes” or “no” questions to try to determine what the object is. If the guess is incorrect, he/she must complete an exercise. The number of reps increases with each incorrect guess. The game will go something like this:

Player 1: I’ve got my object picked. Let’s go!

Player 2: Is it alive?

Player 1: No. Do 1 jump squat.

Player 2: Is it made of wood?

Player 1: No. Do 2 jump squats.

Player 2: Is it that tree over there?

Player 1: No. Do 3 jump squats.

Carry on until the object is guessed correctly, then the players switch roles. Larger groups can play as teams or take turns with everyone paying for incorrect guesses in exercises.

Humans are naturally social, and finding ways to connect and interact with others through exercise can be incredibly rewarding and fun. Making fitness more social can boost motivation, create a sense of community, and turn working out into a more enjoyable experience. Whether it’s joining a group class, playing a team sport, or finding a workout buddy, there are plenty of ways to make exercise more social. Let’s dive into how to do just that and explore the many benefits of social fitness.

Fun Fitness Events and Apps
Events and apps are two ways to make fitness more social. Check out some tips along with resources to help you give these options a try.

Create a Fitness Bucket List
You know what a bucket list is. Now let’s create one all about your fitness goals – and add some friends into the mix!

Hope, Happiness, and Social Connection
Health Psychologist and author, Kelly McGonigal, discusses some of the hidden benefits of regular exercise including many life-altering rewards.

Social Connections and Your Health
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Workout Game: Fitness Scrabble

This game is for two or more people, and you’ll need a set of scrabble letter tiles to play.

Place a bag of letter tiles 30 feet from the player. On “go”, each player completes 8 push-ups, 8 squats, and 8 sit-ups, then runs to the bag, grabs a tile, and runs back to the start line. Players repeat the process until someone completes a 3-letter word. That player wins the round.