Stretch Health Canada 

Rui Saraiva  I  I  519-719-9895

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Workshop Description – Certified stretch experts focus primarily on lengthening your tight muscles. They also work with your body’s built in web of connective tissue called Fascia, which is the biological fabric that connects all your muscles together. Be educated on the importance of stretching and flexibly. Learn some simple stretches that you can do to relieve pain and tension.

Reiki – Connecting With Your Ki 

Sheri Demmone  I  I  519-280-3812

Workshop Description – Reiki means “Universal Life-force Energy” and is a set of concepts that make up an overall system. It’s energy work that can aid in achieving overall balance with your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual self. Sheri will be educating you on the practice of Reiki as well as practicing Reiki for participants to experience during the second half of the workshop.

Bioenergetics & Hair Follicle Analysis Q&A

Alla Vallejo  I  I  519-432-8900

Juliana Anconito  I  Instagram

Description – Learn about these 2 forms of unique treatments and how they can assist you in achieving better health.

Canada Life Benefits Q&A

Tammy Patterson

Description – Tammy Patterson from Canada Life Benefits was available to answer your questions about your benefit package.

Homewood Health EAP Q&A

Cindy Briner

Description – Cindy Briner from Homewood Health was available to answer your questions about your EAP.